So this happened …

img_8555Just as I’m launching my new blog and gearing up to release my novel, water intervenes.

A glass of water.

That I spilled.

On my keyboard.

I tried everything to get my laptop to work again, including one site’s recommendation to prop my laptop upside down on a pillowcase, on a milk crate, in front of a fan, for 92 hours.

92 hours.

Did it.

Didn’t work.

I also went to the Genius Bar at the Mac Store.  My genius shrugged.

Luckily, the blog and the book still exist, but my water-logged Mac is now a doorstop.

I take this as a challenge.

Hopefully, your writing week goes better.  Kiss your fully-functional keyboard and please, back it up, back it all up.  It’s the best advice I can give.

Anyone else rebound from a similarly ridiculous mistake?






Happy … Really?

fullsizerender1Is there room for happy writers in this world?

I mean, if you look too closely at life, it doesn’t hold up. Bad things happen. Horrible things. Sickness, famine, war, political suppression.

My 73 year-old mom is in a nursing home. MS has weakened her limbs and robbed her short-term memory.

How do I write happy when life is so harsh?

Writing is storytelling, and we all like stories, we all need stories to share what it’s like to navigate the hills and valleys of life.

My mom loves stories.

So I write and write and write, and when I get it the way I want it, I celebrate.

I hope you’re writing through your valleys. I hope your skills as a writer give you solace. If there’s injustice, write toward it. If there’s rejection, write around it.

Just keep writing.  It’s worth every second.

Bill’s Shiny, Happy Writer Blog


I love to write.  Hunt me down in a coffee shop or swing by my house at 5:30am and you’ll find me typing and grinning.

I’ve always loved to write.

In first grade, I wrote my first story: Pirates invade recess!

In 4th grade, I wrote a book about a boy on the run with a box filled with drugs. I didn’t even know what drugs were.

As an adult, I moved around the country, tried a few careers,  met the man of my dreams, started a family — and kept on writing.

Scrub Match, my first novel, came out in 2005.

My new urban fantasy Soulmates, Inc. will be available soon.

I feel enormously lucky when I write.

I’m starting this blog to connect with other writers, to share the joy of what we’re doing. Hopefully, writers facing a tough day will gain inspiration here. We’ll all learn and laugh and activate our dreams.

This is going to be good!!

Live/write/be happy,