How do you stay focused?

My head is spinning.

Yesterday I attended a Seattle Pubic Library workshop on how to “Build a Killer Author Platform.”

The presenter spoke energetically for two hours about platform creation.

She suggested we, as writers, create multiple Facebook pages for our different writer identities (personal page, professional page, a page for each book or book subject).

She urged us to expand our reach as writers and book sellers through social media, local book stores, friends, family, librarians, basically anyone who will listen.

She encouraged us to “go with our strengths.”

I left the workshop feeling slightly inspired, but mostly overwhelmed.

So, my big question to fellow writers, and creators of all types, is how do you stay focused on your goals?  How do you accomplish what you want as an artist, and how do you balance this with the rest of life?





The Happy Democrat

My candidate lost.

Issues of utmost urgency, such as global warming, gun violence, the need for peace-brokering and education reform will likely take a back seat or vanish from our agenda as a nation.
I want a woman to be president.  I want my daughter to see a woman with that power.
Friends and family are hurt, bitter, furious.
I remain happy.
A majority of Americans got the president they wanted.  Our voting system works, even if it doesn’t always produce the outcomes I prefer.
This is a rally cry.
We all have to be agents for change at this point.  Our new president won’t do the heavy lifting.  He might even fight us.
Global warming is a crisis that we all have to own, including me, the guy with the SUV.
A reduction in gun violence must be a priority, even for those of us who remain silent on this issue.
Education reform is essential, and as an insider, I’m excited to say it’s happening.  We just need it to happen everywhere, faster, with social justice.
Peace-brokering is essential, among nations, but also among individuals.  That’s why I’ll be reaching out to my friends and family who voted for Trump, to talk about national priorities.  If I disagree, hopefully, we’ll discuss.
And then I’ll get to work.
And I’m happy to have the chance.

Vote for a cover!


Hi everyone:  So excited!  I just launched a poll to vote on the cover of my new book.  I’d love your opinion.  Soulmates, Inc. is a sexy paranormal thriller about ghosts who invade Seattle one body at a time.  If you’d like to vote, drop me a line and I’ll add you to the poll.  Much thanks!