The Happy Democrat

My candidate lost.

Issues of utmost urgency, such as global warming, gun violence, the need for peace-brokering and education reform will likely take a back seat or vanish from our agenda as a nation.
I want a woman to be president.  I want my daughter to see a woman with that power.
Friends and family are hurt, bitter, furious.
I remain happy.
A majority of Americans got the president they wanted.  Our voting system works, even if it doesn’t always produce the outcomes I prefer.
This is a rally cry.
We all have to be agents for change at this point.  Our new president won’t do the heavy lifting.  He might even fight us.
Global warming is a crisis that we all have to own, including me, the guy with the SUV.
A reduction in gun violence must be a priority, even for those of us who remain silent on this issue.
Education reform is essential, and as an insider, I’m excited to say it’s happening.  We just need it to happen everywhere, faster, with social justice.
Peace-brokering is essential, among nations, but also among individuals.  That’s why I’ll be reaching out to my friends and family who voted for Trump, to talk about national priorities.  If I disagree, hopefully, we’ll discuss.
And then I’ll get to work.
And I’m happy to have the chance.

5 thoughts on “The Happy Democrat”

  1. Bill, I will continue working on the issues I believe in and I appreciate the way our country transitions from one administration to another. However, as a woman who has dealt with mind numbing sexism in the workplace for years and seen the destruction wrought by sexual assaults, I am very, very frightened that people seem to have given the president elect a pass on language, actions and attitudes that make me and your daughter somewhat less important and not full citizens. All of the small progress we have made will likely be lost – can you really see Trump or his Congress taking a stand on sexual assault in the military or college campuses?


    1. No, and that really sucks. Thanks for weighing in on the ramifications here. It does baffle me how many people gave him a pass, and to me, it’s a sign that a lot of people are really desperate for something different in their lives.


  2. Bill, this post is so important and much needed. Thank you for sharing. I am hosting a weekly event to allow people to share in a judgement free safe space. I sent you an invitation. Please keep me posted as you begin your efforts. I would love to support.


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