Top 5 Creepy Spots in Seattle


In honor of my favorite holiday (Halloween!) and the impending release of my creepy Seattle paranormal novel (Soulmates, Inc!) I am counting down the top 5 creepiest places in Seattle.

#5 The Gum Wall:  Ick!  If you’ve never seen the grossest tourist spot in Seattle, it’s right under Pike Place Market and it’s nas-teee!  Imagine an entire wall covered in chewed up, spit out gum, and you basically have it.

More to come.  Vote for your own creepy spot in the comments section below.


4 thoughts on “Top 5 Creepy Spots in Seattle”

  1. Pioneer Square, abandoned level under the streets you see on the tour

    Ballard troll under the bridge

    Seward park upper area at night! Any park at night…


  2. Maynard Alley in the International District- site of the Wah Mee massacre of 1983. I haven’t seen it lately, but the last time I glanced down it while in the neighbourhood a few years back, it was truly creepy.


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