5 Writers Who Inspire Me to Write


*Special thanks to my husband for lending me his laptop for this post. 

Need some writing inspiration?  Here you go!  When I read these writers, I’m immediately inspired to do my own best work …

  1. Junot Diaz:  Writing joy on every page.  Check out The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. “Our hero was not one of those Dominican cats everybody’s always going on about — he wasn’t no home-run hitter or a fly bachatero, not a playboy with a million hots on his jock.”
  2. James Baldwin: Always wrote with a vengeance.  Every character got a voice and a soul.  Check out Another Country.  “People don’t have any mercy. They tear you limb from limb, in the name of love. Then, when you’re dead, when they’ve killed you by what they made you go through, they say you didn’t have any character. They weep big, bitter tears – not for you. For themselves, because they’ve lost their toy.”
  3. Thomas Pynchon:  Imagination unleashed.  Check out Gravity’s Rainbow.  “It is the dark, hard, tobacco-starved, headachy, sour-stomach middle of the day, a million bureaucrats are diligently plotting death …”
  4. Fyodor Dostoevsky:  Lust for life, written down, as translated by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky.  Check out The Brothers Karamazov.  “In most cases, people, even wicked people, are far more naive and simple-hearted than one generally assume.  And so are we.”
  5. Lois Taylor:  The Queen of Short Fiction.  The Poet of Capitol Hill.  Check out … my next post 🙂

Your turn, fellow writers.  Who inspires you to write?


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