So this happened …

img_8555Just as I’m launching my new blog and gearing up to release my novel, water intervenes.

A glass of water.

That I spilled.

On my keyboard.

I tried everything to get my laptop to work again, including one site’s recommendation to prop my laptop upside down on a pillowcase, on a milk crate, in front of a fan, for 92 hours.

92 hours.

Did it.

Didn’t work.

I also went to the Genius Bar at the Mac Store.  My genius shrugged.

Luckily, the blog and the book still exist, but my water-logged Mac is now a doorstop.

I take this as a challenge.

Hopefully, your writing week goes better.  Kiss your fully-functional keyboard and please, back it up, back it all up.  It’s the best advice I can give.

Anyone else rebound from a similarly ridiculous mistake?






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