Happy … Really?

fullsizerender1Is there room for happy writers in this world?

I mean, if you look too closely at life, it doesn’t hold up. Bad things happen. Horrible things. Sickness, famine, war, political suppression.

My 73 year-old mom is in a nursing home. MS has weakened her limbs and robbed her short-term memory.

How do I write happy when life is so harsh?

Writing is storytelling, and we all like stories, we all need stories to share what it’s like to navigate the hills and valleys of life.

My mom loves stories.

So I write and write and write, and when I get it the way I want it, I celebrate.

I hope you’re writing through your valleys. I hope your skills as a writer give you solace. If there’s injustice, write toward it. If there’s rejection, write around it.

Just keep writing.  It’s worth every second.


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